How to Make a $100 a Day Online

Who doesn’t want to make a $100 a day online in their pajamas or while working from a beach?

Most people could use a little extra money on the side, right? I know I can always use extra money! This has all started for me as a desire for personal freedom. It isn’t really just about the money, but the money helps!

It doesn’t really matter what skill sets you are starting with, there is something on this list for every body. I didn’t have any skills besides somewhat knowing my way around a computer when I first started trying to make money online.

I do have to say, though, all of these things require work and commitment. This post is not a get-rick-quick scheme. You may make passive income from some of these things AFTER putting in the work. But you can’t just set and forget and immediately expect to make $100 a day online without any hard work at all.

Gaining the personal freedom that comes with working online for yourself requires hard work and consistency, among many other skills. Check out my list of favorites for yourself!

#1: Resell Things

I started doing this with things I already owned. I didn’t make that much from it at first. Honestly, it started with a pair of Jordans that I didn’t really ever wear.

I posted them on Facebook Marketplace and I made a quick $75. People also use Craigslist and eBay to do this with great success. It doesn’t take much effort, nor do you need any upfront money to get started.

This isn’t my most profitable means of making extra money online. However, I have at least $500 worth of stuff listed right now. I try to have things listed all the time.

It really doesn’t have to be just things you own either. The other day we went to a yard sale and saw two scooters. We got them for my girlfriend’s daughter. They cost $5.

Well, she didn’t like them. No big deal because we turned around and sold them for $50 a piece online using Facebook Marketplace.

Yard sales are a goldmine for reselling things. The Craigslist free section can be useful as well.

I am a college student too. Reselling textbooks has made me at least an extra $200 to 300 every semester. College textbooks are ridiculously overpriced. So, many people are willing to buy them used.

I use either BookScouter or Chegg to resell my textbooks. Amazon is also a great option!

If you are creative or crafty, you can also use Etsy to sell things you make!

If you put a lot of focus into this method, this could easily be scaled into a $100 a day online or more! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Or however that saying goes!

#2: Use Upwork to Make Money Online

I found Upwork when I first moved to working from home. At first, you have to build yourself up. I figured out exactly what niches I wanted to freelance in right away. For me, it was content writing and web design.

I was lucky enough to find a gentlemen who was willing to work with a beginner on Upwork because he knew he could pay me less. I took a web design job for a meteorologist who needed a website built to display his artificial intelligence software that he had created.

It was an awesome experience. I learned a lot from it. It also gave me my first completed job and a 5-star review! From there, I was able to apply to more jobs and continue building my profile.

At first, you may have to take pay less than what you believe you are worth to build your reputation as a freelancer on the site. However, the small gigs are not going to make you a $100 a day online.

Once you do build up your reputation and profile on Upwork, you can start getting better paying jobs. If you put in the work, this could easily be something you use to make money online. There is a niche to work in for everyone on Upwork!

#3: Be a Virtual Assistant

I didn’t do too much of this. But when I was building my profile on Upwork, these were the easiest jobs to get. Some of them do pay well, while others don’t.

The tasks can range from managing emails and scheduling social media posts to doing research and managing blogs. It all really depends on who you are assisting.

If you build up your clientele, you can easily set your own rates and make a $100 a day online (if not more).

Either use a freelance site like Upwork to find jobs, build your own virtual assistant business, or check out these companies that are hiring VAs:

#4: Teach English Online

This is something I found that was actually perfect for me to earn some extra money when blogging isn’t bringing me in the numbers I would like.

It is perfect for me because I am in college. I love education. Some of these programs will require you to already have a Bachelor’s degree. But not all of them do.

If you don’t mind teaching English while working from home, then you can earn up to $20 an hour from some of these companies. It is also very possible to start your own company doing this. There are plenty of people who want to learn English. The great thing is you can make money while helping people!

You can check out these companies to get started:

There are so many options for you to make an extra $100 a day online from teaching English!

#5: Sell Online Courses

The best way to make $100 online a day online is to do something that provides value to others. I believe with online courses you can do just that!

If you create a helpful product and narrow down your target audience, you can boost your income. It is important to market the product. However, there are options available, such as Udemy and Coursera to place your course.

It is also possible to use your blog to promote your online course. Blogging is actually another way to make a 100 dollars a day online that can be combined with many other methods.

A great example of leveraging an already built audience to sell a useful course is YouTuber Graham Stephan. He earns well over a $100 a day through his real estate course, Real Estate Agent Academy. In fact, he charges $497 for the course.

That’s the beauty of a course. You choose the price. If it has value and you market it to your target audience, it will sell.

#6: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

As a writer, I try my best to provide some value to the reader. I don’t want to just post articles that are spammed with affiliate links. However, if I feel the affiliate link could possibly provide value to the reader, then I post it.

Affiliate marketing can definitely bring you a $100 a day online or more. Like I said, the key is to provide value with your actual words and then you can place an affiliate link in that article. Only place the link if it can provide value to your audience because you don’t want to misuse the trust you have built.

The reason I say Amazon is because I know that I can trust Amazon. I also know that many people feel the same way because of how many people use it. Therefore, I feel much better providing a link to something from a trustworthy source that I know is going to provide value to my readers.

You should also always disclose that you are placing an affiliate link in your article. Like this affiliate link here: Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days. I am only placing this link here to add value to what I have already written. It is a great book that I have read. It will give you more ideas on how to build a side hustle (that can eventually be something you do full-time). If you are unable to find an idea from this article I have written or you just want to know more, I encourage you to check that book out!

#7: Buy And Sell Stocks With Robinhood

I used my stimulus check to start an account on Robinhood. I am by no means at expert at buying and selling stocks. However, if you are willing to take a risk and learn… stocks can easily make you a $100 a day online. This is probably the most profitable option on the list for me so far. I needed money to get started. However, just last week I took $300 and made $600 off of it.

It isn’t always going to be that easy. Honestly, I feel that I may have just gotten lucky doing it. But if you learn to study a chart and use resources or message boards, such as Stocktwits, you can find stocks that are getting ready to uptrend.

I believe if you have $1000 you are willing to invest, you can very easily buy and sell stocks to make $100 a day. It just takes some work. You also have to be willing to make some mistakes here and there. You aren’t going to always win big. Be willing to cut your losses if you have to. And don’t listen to everything you read on a message board because some people are just trying to get you to sell so that they can buy your shares as it goes up.

This is also a great long-term option to build on.

You can learn more about Robinhood in this article.

There are so many great ways to make a $100 a day online! I hope you figured out the best way for you!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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